Canal Parade to the Netherlands

Netherlands may be lost from the Spanish in the World Cup final, but still they were greeted like heroes. A parade was provided by its supporters to welcome their return.

Perform relatively well throughout the tournament, the Dutch finally submit in the face of Spain at the top of the party. Andres Iniesta’s goal in 116 minutes of interrupted dreams ‘Orange Lion’ to become the first champion.

Nonetheless advanced to the final achievement seemed to be enough for the fans. As many as 700,000 people did not hesitate to celebrate the return of Giovanni van Bronckhorst et al. in Amsterdam.

“Spain should be a reigning world champion, but we have the best supporters in the world,” said Arjen Robben the Dutch supporters who thronged Amsterdam Museum Square.

“We do not have a World Cup trophy, but you all made us feel like a real champion,” said Van Bronckhorst.

The Dutch squad not only paraded around the city, but also get a special boat for the parade on the canal. Some supporters, also boarded the boat to follow the boat of Dutch players.

When the squad past the bridge, the applause given by the proponents. Not even a little waterfall also jumped into the water to celebrate the return of its heroes.

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