OFFICIAL: Sergio Ramos And Pilar Rubio Are A Couple! UPDATED!

Unlucky at work, lucky in love. 34-year-old TV host Pilar Rubio is going through a hard time in his career - her show "Todo el mundo es bueno" was canceled by Telecinco after only three episodes due to low ratings - but judging from the pictures published in the Spanish newspaper Lecturas today, her love life looks to be spicing up.

The exuberant brunette was caught by paparazzi planting kisses all over Sergio Ramos' neck, at Villamagna Hotel party. During the party she made friend with another merengue player, Lusitanian winger Cristiano Ronaldo, who doesn't miss the opportunity to flirt with pretty girls.

Prior the Villamagna's soiree, Pilar and her eight-year younger beau joined Niña Pastori's flamenco party.
At the end of the night the Real Madrid defender accompanied his cougar to her home and they greeted each other with a passionate kiss.

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