First Soccer Couple Break-Up Of The Year: Sylvie And Rafael van der Vaart Split

2013 is starting off to be a BAD year for Hamburg SV midfielder Rafael van der Vaart and TV presenter and  model Sylvie Françoise Meis. The Dutch couple have split after the former Spurs star admitted to hitting his wife. The 29-year-old footballer got into a heated row with the 34-year-old model on New Year's Eve and is believed to have struck her in front of shocked guests at a private party.

On the New Year's Eve incident, Van der Vaart said: 'It was very foolish of me. I'm an idiot. I'm very sorry. It should never have happened.' Sylvie told the newspaper that she forgave him, but the couple later announced they had separated. She said: 'I ​​have forgiven him already ...' The split comes just a week after the pair spent Christmas together with their son Damian and posted a picture of themselves on Twitter.

According to the latest gossip, marriage ended because of another blonde, 28-year-old Dutch actress, presenter and model Nikkie Plessen who has a daughter with fiance Ruben Bontekoe. "Me and Rafael? Of course not! "she strongly denied.

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