Badr Hari and Estelle Gullit, Wife of Ex-Footballer Ruud Gullit

Even for Badr Hari, it seems like 2012 has a been a particularly tumultuous year for him. After his ecstatic retirement win over Gokhan Saki, it seemed like things were going just as planned. He had secured a top-level boxing coach in Naazim Richardson and was preparing himself to move to America full-time.

But the best-laid plans often go to waste. After returning to the recently resurrected K1, Badr Hari showed up out-of-shape and messy against Anderson Braddock Silva. While in a previous post I discussed what I thought had contributed to his poor performance, I decided not to mention the baby-mama drama he was reportedly going through.

But since the Dutch media has gone public with this scandal, at this point I might as well write about it. Badr Hari has been accused of impregnating Estelle Gullit, the gorgeous blonde wife of Footballer legend Ruud Gullit. Estelle is almost twenty years younger than her husband at 33-years old and reportedly wants to keep her and Badr’s child. She is going through a separation with Gullit, and this distraction surely played heavily on Badr’s focus in his latest bout with Silva.

Despite all the turmoil and high-profile nature of this pregnancy, the unborn child is ultimately the most important (and innocent) person in this whole ordeal, and I hope the adults in this matter put the child’s health and welfare first.


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