The Hottest NBA WAGs

It's easy to be jealous of the kind of babes that sports stars get, but don't hate - appreciate. Here are eleven hotties currently paired with NBA players.

Adriana Lima

Big ups to Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric - not every dude gets to marry a Victoria's Secret model. The former Clippers and Timberwolves player has left the NBA behind for the time being, but he got a much better prize. He gets to bang Adriana Lima whenever he wants. The gorgeous Brazilian model is one of the hottest girls in the world, and she married Janic in a quickie ceremony on Valentine's Day.

Amar'e Stoudemire has been linked up with a bevy of hotties throughout his career, but his most recent conquest is very much worth celebrating. Singer Ciara recently made their relationship public, and the newly-signed Knicks star seems to be basking in the attention. Ciara recently split with her record label, so who knows what the future holds for her.

Elsa Benitez

The gorgeous Elsa Benitez qualifies as a former NBA WAG, having been married to Rony Sekaily for six years. Sekaily is out of the game now, but he played for a staggering number of teams in his twelve years - the Heat, the Warriors, the Magic, the Jazz and the Nets. He and Benitez wed in 1999 and split in 2005 under amicable circumstances. She's now the host of Mexico's Next Top Model.
Eliza Dushku

Joss Whedon favorite Eliza Dushku isn't your typical NBA WAG, but she's always been a study in contradictions. The gorgeous actress met former Lakers player Rick Fox in 2009 and moved in with him the next year, so obviously she's got some interest in the game. Fox is also an actor, with a stint on Oz his biggest credit, as well as a sixth-place finish on Dancing With The Stars.

Kenya Bell

Former Miss Michigan Kenya Bell has been married to Charlie Bell of the Golden State Warriors for years, but their perfect union seemed to be on the rocks early in 2011 when she was accused of domestic violence against her husband. The pair have agreed to separate, which is sad, but that does mean that she's back on the market, gentlemen.
Aleka Kamila

Dallas Mavericks small forward Peta Stojakovic is one very lucky man - he gets to go home to Aleka Kamila every night. The insanely hot Greek model married the basketball player in the mid-90s when he played for PAOK (the Greek national sports league), and he even became a Greek citizen and underwent the mandatory army enrollment. I'd join the army for her, too.

Maria Sharapova

It's only right and natural that athletes would be attracted to other athletes - you want somebody you can share common ground with, after all. Gorgeous Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova took her mate from the world of hoops, hooking up with Serbian-born Nets player Sasha Vujacic in 2009 and getting a ring from him soon afterwards.

Female rapper Trina has been romantically involved with Denver Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin since 2009, and the pair are becoming one of the industry's hottest power couples. K-Mart is obviously head over heels with the MC known as "da baddest bitch" - let's just hope he doesn't pursue a music career. That never goes well.

Erin Barry

The amazingly beautiful Erin Barry was at the center of a storm of controversy last year and didn't come out looking so good. The wife of Brent Barry, a NBA veteran with over a decade in the game, she was the other woman in the Tony Parker / Eva Longoria love triangle. With two marriages left in the ashes, all we're left with is a hot broad. But isn't that enough?
Gabrielle Union

The lovely Gabrielle Union went from a marriage to football player Chris Howard to basketball player Dwayne Wade. I wonder how the two sports compare in the bedroom? Actually, I don't want to know that, that's weird. The actress is set to star in another Tyler Perry movie next year, but we've all got to pay the bills somehow.
Hope Dworaczyk

How many dudes can say they got to smang a Playmate of the Year? Probably not too damn many. And yet, here comes Dallas Mavericks point guard Jason Kidd, hooking up with 2010 Playmate Hope Dworaczyk. Kidd is no stranger to top-tier WAG action, having bedded a staggering number of hotties throughout his career, but Dworaczyk might well be the foxiest.

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