Hottest Wife of Baseball Players

We have served you a list of footballer's woman such a long time ago.  Pamela Diaz and also Kirsten Pazik who is known as Andriy Shevchenko wife

Now we're gonna give you another hot wives from other sports.. that was the Hottest Wife of Baseball Players

Women have always been attracted to baseball players. Whether it’s their athleticism, high social status or - let’s face it - the money, baseball’s top stars never seem to have much trouble with the ladies. That said, some players clearly have a leg up on their teammates. Here are the hottest baseball players’ wives who are being generating a lot of attention this spring.

Lisa Dergan Possedneyk

Scott Podsednik’s career has fallen off a bit since his key role as a speedster with the 2005 World Series champion White Sox, but as far as romance goes, he is still on a hot streak. Now with the Colorado Rockies, the base-swiping outfielder has been married to former playmate Lisa Dergan since February of 2006. A classic example of striking while the iron was hot.

Erica Ellyson

It doesn’t get much better than being 23 years old, throwing a no-hitter for the Boston Red Sox, and dating 2008 Penthouse magazine Pet of the Year Erica Ellyson. While she and Clay Buchholz are not officially husband and wife, the fact that they are dating warrants Erica’s inclusion among baseball’s envy-inducing women. If you don’t believe she deserves to be on this list, look at her picture again, and then try to say out loud that you are unhappy that we included her - won’t happen.

Anna Benson

In some cases, baseball players’ wives get more media attention than their husbands. Exhibit A: Anna Benson. The supermodel wife of oft-injured pitcher Kris Benson, has generated more than her fair share of controversy. This includes showing up to a New York Mets’ Christmas party in a low-cut Santa skirt. Many also speculate that her husband was eventually traded from New York when it came out that she might be posing for Playboy. We have no idea what is wrong with the NY Mets GM, but this makes no sense.

Alicia Rickter

The scorching hot babe pictured here is Alicia Rickter, former Playboy playmate and wife of Hall of Fame-bound catching legend Mike Piazza. The couple already has one daughter (Nicoletta Veronica) and is expecting their second child shortly. I guess this helps to silence the rumors regarding the sexuality of the game’s all-time best hitting catcher - but then again, Rock Hudson was married once as well.

Alejandra Tejada

When your skills atrophy, you’re outed as a steroids user and it’s discovered that you’ve been lying about your age since 1993, it must be comforting to still have Alejandra Tejada by your side. Unfortunately, that’s about the only thing fallen Astros shortstop Miguel Tejada has going for him these days. That, and his ongoing involvement issues with the law regarding steriod use and Rafael Palmero.

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