Nike Japan Launches Shaido Baseball Collection

The Nike SHA|DO collection includes Nike Fly Leather J Elite SHA|DO (cleats) and Nike SHA|DO Elite J (gloves) among others, helping players striving every day for the top position in high school baseball, with products armed with innovations developed and adapted specifically for baseball Bukatsu players (Japanese high school players). Nike Japan has announced it will launch a new baseball product line “SHA|DO” in January 2012.

Nike has not only offered a number of innovative products but also expressed and given voice to the charm of a sport, of athletes and products in a variety of ways. The soon-to-be-released SHA|DO collection comprises completely new products for players who want to win in the stage of high school baseball. The name SHA|DO (“SHA” for Gratitude and “DO” for Way in Japanese) speaks to the spirit of always playing with a sense of gratitude, as well as the message that the skills horned during the three years in high school are the result of everyday practices from dawn to late night, i.e., behind-the-scenes (shadow) efforts.

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