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HUNGA boots...honestly, before I'm posted, never heard these label. By accident, while I was busy looking for browsing Ebay recently. Surprised me, at the year 1976 the brand sponsors a French Michel Platini footwear. Here the two Platini design in Orange and white stripe, label made in France. AS Nancy the champions 1978, most players on that teams with these shoes.

HUNGA is a brand of shoes Hungarian. Originally called Hungaria
In 1919, Mr Plaut and Pradet start their company. Fascinated by sports and specialized in leather goods they were at that time working on the conception of shoes and balls for football, basketball and rugby as well as other accessories used by sportsmen. Admirers of the Hungarian national team in the 3O’s, they choose to call their new brand "Hungaria" than
the brand is the name of  HUNGA Around 1963. In the 60’s and 70’s more than half of the soccer players in the french 1st league are equipped with these brand shoes.1979 HUNGA is bought by an important german brand who wish to eliminate a serious rival on the european market. The brand disapears from the sport scene.

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  1. John Langhorn says:

    In the early 1970’s these boots were distributed in the UK by Ibersport Ltd. Several leading UK players were under contract to wear Hunga boots, including Alan Hudson and Gerry Francis. Hudson complained that the boots gave him blisters so it was arranged for him to fly out to the factory in Orleans, where they would literally build boots on his feet! Chelsea Manager Dave Sexton and Coach Dario Gradi asked to be included in the trip. At 7.00am one morning I was at Heathrow with Sexton and Gradi ready to board for Paris Orly Airport. By last call there was no sign of Hudson so the three of us went without him. We had a great day, but Hudson never did get his personal boots!

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