Zach Redmond

From an article in the Denver Post:

“I know a lot of great men in my life, but I don’t know anyone that determined and driven,” said Redmond’s girlfriend, Maggie O’Brien. “His work ethic is unlike anyone I ever met and for him to overcome — I was there for the whole leg injury — he defies all odds.”

But, according to O’Brien, who met Redmond when he was playing hockey in college [Ferris State], Redmond never complained.

“Never, not once,” she said. “I thought: ‘Is this a bad sign? Should he quit hockey?’ But he just keeps going, and he’ll never give up unless he has to. He’s just amazing.”

Redmond was born a triplet in Houston, before his family moved to Michigan. His triplet brother, Alex, and triplet sister, Meghan, haven’t experienced transient ischemic attack (TIA), the type of stroke Zach suffered in Toronto as a teenager.

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