Ryan Miller on expecting a baby

The man who nearly stole a gold medal for Team USA at the 2010 Winter Olympics might have to live with seeing a Team Canada jersey in his own home for a number of years.

“We’ll have a Canadian-born son in March,” Ryan Miller told ESPN.com this week, chuckling no doubt at the irony of it all, not the least of which is that his son will be born in Vancouver, the scene of that heartbreaking overtime loss to Canada in February 2010.

“My dad was born in Canada, the Canadian side of the family is pretty pumped,” the Michigan native added.

Well, let’s not go too far with the whole Team Canada thing. As Miller points out, there are two American parents at the root of it all.

Miller’s New York-born wife, actress Noureen DeWulf, is five months’ pregnant. The veteran star goalie is beyond excited to start a family.

“It’s been a little tough in the beginning here because she’s finishing off some work, our schedules have been a little jumbled,” Miller said. “But it’s going to get easier in that regard. Noureen is going to be joining me pretty much for the rest of the season sometime in December.”

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