Izabel Andrijanic, the new "WAG" Real Madrid

Mateo Kovacic with Izabel Andrijanic and family (father, mother, sister)

The signing of Croatian midfielder Mateo Kovacic leads Real Madrid in the Spanish capital at your partner, model Izabel Andrijanic who thus connect Clubs Women and female players on the team merengue.

Kovacic was signed from Inter Milan on a six-year contract, Madrid did not confirm the value of the deal but Kovacic, is reported to have cost around €30 million, ESPN reports.

Kovacic has often played as a No. 10 for both Inter and Croatia, he had been linked with a move to Liverpool earlier in the summer.

In January 2013 he was signed by Internazionale from Dinamo Zagreb –where he started his professional career at 16 –it took him more than 20 months to score his first Serie A goal. He scored a total of five goals in 80 league appearances.

“I’m sorry, but at the same time I am very happy because Real Madrid is a great opportunity. I spent difficult days, but still Inter in the heart.” With these parting words Tuesday Matteo Kovacic Tifosi Inter Milan, the team where he was played the new player of Real Madrid and the Croatian team since 2013 Bernabeu But to the Spanish capital Wednesday not only the one who is accompanied presented by their partners in the recent years .. Izabel Andrijanic that in the last hours, the curiosity aroused by photos Personal addicted to their social networking profiles.
The Croatian model born in Switzerland was during his tenure in the Italian city not in the past two and a half of the former Inter Milan player year years. Leaving the Croatian capital and parked his studies in economics at the University of Zagreb, to follow him to Italy. Although he was very active in social networks (model features Instagram has more than 400 followers), in which the pair resisted discretion. It was customary to make or buy a walk to go downtown, but rarely allowed, social events or crowded parties see. The model, of course, always accompanied by her friend from the stands Milan.

History of Cinema

Mateo and Izabel met in church . She was sang in choir . He was altar boy!

The relationship between the player and the model of 21 years in his native Croatia began when the two were almost teenagers. The couple met in the Church of San Antonio de Padua in the Croatian town Sesvetska, in which the model in the sung chorus. Both share a deep religious conviction that the player, born in Austria relatives Croats fleeing the war in the Balkans, reiterated whenever possible. “I grew up in the faith since childhood. For me, religion is always important,” Kovacic said in an interview. Faith and family are the pillars of the life of the young players. A family who dreams of a day with beautiful Izabel.
It was a shadow of the player in recent years and in all likelihood remain in Madrid. “For a girl looks, but not alone with this stay,” said the footballer. “What really strikes me is education, kindness, sincerity and modesty.” Properties that takes met the model Perfect Croatian.

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