Effective eviction of fat: Diet during drying

Effective eviction of fat: Diet during drying

Diet in (drying) the eviction deprived of weight is 70% of success and no exercise without a correct diet plan will produce the desired result.

Get rid of thoughts that your previous diet will be appropriate in this period of training. It is absolutely not true. You will have to radically change your nutrition plan.

What is this drying in bodybuilding? Drying is the combination of proper workout and correct diet, whose primary purpose is the reduction of subcutaneous fat with preservation of previously recruited muscle mass.

The main points of the diet that you should follow on drying as follows:

The more fat mass in your body, the more you need to consume proteins, carbohydrates replacing them. That is, if the ratio of proteins-fats – carbohydrates was about 20-20-60, now on the contrary 60-20-20. Approximately two-thirds of carbonates during the phase of muscle building you should replace proteins. However, to completely abandon carbohydrates and fats is not worth it, so as not to harm your health. The amount of protein should be increased in comparison with the usual period of training and can be up to 3-4 grams per kilogram of body weight.

How much is it that carbohydrates and calories are needed in your diet for drying? The dosage of the intake of carbohydrates and fats should be individualized, taking into account personal characteristics of the metabolism. It’s easy to do — slowly and gradually reduce the amount eaten per day of carbohydrates until, while the fat burning process is not activated. You will notice it by reducing fat and reduce body weight.
The bulk of proteins consumed in the drying period should come from sports nutrition. Why? The thing is that even in high-protein foods with low fat content, whether it be fish, chicken or seafood, they all contain a lot of saturated acids, that is absolutely unacceptable in the current situation. So I advise you to stock up on whey or soy protein. The protein inhibits catabolic processes and protects your muscles, it does not preclude the drying process. What protein to choose and how to apply, can be found on the website of Moldova Vladimir where you can download a free video course about sports nutrition. It is needed so You can easily navigate among non-steroidal drugs and choose what You really need at the moment, and not what You advises the seller of sports nutrition and fitness instructor. I advise everyone, very good information.

No post-workout gainer should not be! Only carnitine and protein. About sports nutrition during the eviction of excess weight the more we’ll talk in the next article. Wait and subscribe to update my blog.
In the days of aerobic exercise make it a rule to get carbs only from natural products, eating vegetables and fruits. No rolls or pies! Forget about these “kills” the figure of products at least during your diet.

Try to eat foods with a low glycemic index, slow carbs. Eliminate “simple” and “vysokovitaminnye” carbohydrates. Table of products with the level glikemichesky index shown in the figure below. The glycemic index indicates the speed of uspevaemosti carbohydrates and the lower it is, the better for you. Foods with low glycemic index are broken down very slowly by the body and give you energy over a long period of time and not deposited as fat. Slow carbohydrates contained in cereals, bakery products from wheat flour and rye, vegetables, nuts and unsweetened fruits.
Eat frequently and small portions. This rule is applicable not only in the period of eviction deprived of weight, but in the period of muscle mass. In principle, frequent meals – the diet of a bodybuilder. Do not eat 2 hours before training and 1.5 hours after training.

No carbs 4 hours before bedtime. If you eat at night carbohydrates, they are simply not physically able to go anywhere for the night’s rest and will be deposited in reserve. At night it is best to drink a protein shake in skim milk or water.

The duration of the diet during the drying process is usually determined for each individual athlete, but on average lasts 4 to 8 weeks. The essence of the diet is to gradually reduce the amount of carbohydrates each week. Last week I cleaned the carbs, making one week or a few days of besplodie. Foods that contain protein, you need to eat very often and a lot. However, pure “protein” diet puts further stress on the kidneys. There is also the prospect of ketosis (accumulation of ketone bodies in the blood) and ketoacidosis (acidification, toxicity of ketone bodies), which leads to weakness, drowsiness, dryness of the lips, the smell of acetone breath and other unpleasant effects. Then we have to conclude that to abuse the “besplantnoe” in any case not worth it.
Drying need to start gradually, do not just give up fats and carbohydrates. A gradual smooth decrease in carbohydrate intake will allow you to go the distance on the first day starting the diet.

The water intake on the diet during the drying process in any case should not be restricted. This is the biggest mistake that is made by not experienced people. Water speeds up the metabolism, therefore, all the processes are faster, as weight loss and set.

Do not forget about the consumption of vitamin complexes, minerals and fiber during the eviction of excess weight, as drying is physically and psychologically burdensome process and lack of vitamins and minerals only aggravate your psihoemotsyonalnoe and physical condition.

Remove from your diet all sorts of ketchups, mayonnaise, sauces, crackers. Also unacceptable alcohol during the drying process, as it irritate and in the end you overeat. Also smoked, salted and canned foods, even with the optimum composition of macronutrients is eliminated.
Some bodybuilders practice nighttime meal in order to kill catabolism, which breaks down the muscles. Wake up in the middle of the night and drink a protein shake, thus you will not break down your muscles during rest. It is this lifestyle and allow you to showcase at the competition-quality muscles and flat stomach relief.

Try to avoid dairy products except fat-free cottage cheese, even low fat dairy products contain carbohydrates and contribute to the retention of fluid in the muscles, which in the end will not achieve quality relief muscle.

It is recommended to include in the diet for drying the following products:

Nutrition sport fitnessLean meat
Low fat dairy products — yogurt, cottage cheese, milk (better off)
Porridge — buckwheat, millet, oats, corn, etc.
Legumes — beans, peas, beans
Vegetables and fruits

Example diet:

Description: This diet on the drying lasts 7 days. In it I listed only the main meals. In the interval between them should be snacking. On the basis of the above criteria a proper diet for drying you can make your own nutrition program for the period of the eviction of excess weight.


Breakfast – cereal, sweet tea, protein shake;

Lunch – chicken broth, chops with buckwheat, salad from fresh vegetables;

Dinner – fried in vegetable oil fish, fresh vegetables;


Breakfast – buckwheat cereal, low-fat fish (red), tea with lemon;

Lunch – cauliflower soup, chicken breast with vegetables;

Dinner – low fat cottage cheese with dried fruit, protein shake;


Breakfast – pancakes, two poached eggs, tea;

Lunch – fish soup, boiled fish with potatoes;

Dinner – fruit, protein shake


Breakfast – muesli, protein shake;

Lunch – mushroom soup, chicken breast, vegetable salad;

Dinner – boiled fish, salad from cabbage with carrots;


Breakfast – omelet of two eggs, a sandwich with honey, tea;

Lunch – buckwheat soup, buckwheat porridge with chicken breast, juice;

Dinner — two Apple, protein shake;


Breakfast – semolina porridge with raisins, protein shake;

Lunch – rice soup, peppers stuffed with cabbage, tea with sugar and lemon;

Dinner – two boiled eggs, protein shake;

On Sunday

Breakfast – stewed fish, salad from vegetables;

Dinner – pickle, chicken breast with rice, juice;

Dinner – protein shake.

In conclusion, I would like to remind once again that high-intensity training, the main purpose of which is to reduce the percentage of subcutaneous fat with preservation of muscle mass is nothing without well composed diet, adapted for this purpose. If massonary cycle diet has almost equal importance with the training, then during the period of drying the meal plan breaks to the fore and is at least 70% successful eviction of excess weight.

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