Push-UPS on the uneven bars for girls

Push-UPS on the uneven bars for girls

Key features exercises:

Basic exercise
Involves multiple joints
Pusher movement
Open kinetic chain
Overcoming the weight of his own body in the dips
For intermediate and advanced level
Although this exercise is considered to be one of the most common and universal, it is very often done wrong. For optimal results, do this first only the number of repetitions that will be done following the correct technique.


Push-UPS on the uneven bars for girls
Bending your elbows, lower the body until the mechanical stretching of the chest muscles and arms. Control through the efforts of the muscles of these groups. Return to starting position and repeat the exercise.

The main involved muscles when you dips

Scapula: serratus anterior muscle, pectoralis minor, rhomboid muscle, the lower beam of the trapezius muscle.
Shoulder joint: the rotator cuff of the shoulder.
Torso: abdominal muscles, back muscles.
Original position

Lean your hands on the parallel bars.
Fully straighten your arms, straighten your chest, slightly tilt the torso forward.

Avoid jerks and swinging of the body. The movement should be slow and controlled.
Keep the shoulders in front and don’t lift them. The chest should be straightened, shoulders drooping.
The main effort must be on the chest muscles and triceps.

 body motivational

Lifting on the bars, do exhale.

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