To say that every day on our spine rests a huge burden — as something trivial, because it is well known. And yet, knowing this, few of us care that this load be reduced, while to do this quite a bit to perform at least two or three times a week very simple exercise, which will be discussed below.

It is known that the trunk bending make the spine more mobile, so the main part of exercises is based on the tilts from side to side. The way to strengthen the spine so big set, we will tell you about the way the most simple and accessible for home workouts. Also the “plus” of this exercise is that to do his will and women.

So, starting position: sit on the floor, extend your legs. Now slowly start to lean forward, simultaneously raising his hands. Lean forward as far as possible, trying to touch your toes with your hands. Ensure that the legs were straight — do not bend their knees.

If during exercise you feel tired or your shortness of breath — lie on the floor and get some rest, breathing deeply.

Please note that we need to start the exercise with the execution of the tilt, which should raise their hands, and not Vice versa as many are beginning to do: raise your hands and with your hands make a slope.

If you did everything correctly, you should feel the vertebrae seemed to be stretched. If you do exercise incorrectly, to achieve this sense would be almost impossible: no matter how far you are bent, not stretched towards your toes, you never can feel that the vertebrae seemed to be at odds.

In the early days make no more than 5-10 tilts, paying attention to the technique of the exercise: below the knees were straight and that foot is stretched. You need to reach to the trunk was maximally elongated (stretched). Don’t forget to follow the breath.

Fitness training program

It is incredibly simple to operate and available for both men and women exercise allows to strengthen muscles of the spine, to make it more flexible, movable. Unfortunately, visible results will appear not as soon as many would like, — not earlier than 2-3 months, but your patience and willpower will be handsomely awarded with strong muscles a healthy spine.

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