Pump up the ass | Effective exercises

Pump up the ass | Effective exercises

Of course, none of the male gaze does not pass by a beautiful, slim female legs. However, beautiful elastic ass for the stronger sex is even more tempting, especially if she dressed in a Thong.

Unfortunately, for many women remains unknown technique that helps to achieve in the shortest possible time uprugosti and attractive smartness gluteal muscles, which is unthinkable without truly a beautiful round shape. Even the coaches, because of their ignorance in this matter, are not always able to recommend something really effective.

However, no need to despair. Below are exercises that will help to achieve faster and most importantly, a lasting effect.

First, you will need to perform a deep squat while holding on his shoulders the barbell. This exercise is the most effective in bodybuilding. You must make sure that each time you squat your legs are firmly in contact with the biceps of the thighs. Such a deep squat cannot do not every. It affects, primarily, individual features of the structure of the skeleton and the lack of flexibility. However, with experience and this problem can largely be eliminated. Experiment with the placing of the feet, choose the width at which you will be able to sink as deep as possible without discomfort. First, it is best to use a blank fingerboard, squat which usually may not cause any problems. Evaluate your internal sensations and, on the basis of them, choose the most comfortable position. Requires several approaches in order to best master this technique and to accustom your body to such movements.

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Of course, that your back during exercise should stay straight and be in suspense. Unacceptable bending forward as when lowering and when raising the trunk. Stand up straight with the GIF on the shoulders, straighten your back, lock the body in this position and slightly lean forward at the hip joints. From this point your body should be still. When performing exercises should work only legs.

In principle, the above conventional technique of the squats. Slowly, without jerks, will descend into a squat until the very end, and at the lowest point smoothly reverse direction and climb to a vertical position (the speed can be slightly speeded up). Daily you want to perform 5 sets of 10-12 reps. If your cardiovascular and respiratory system allows the volume of exercises can be increased to 15 repetitions. As for the first set, then it should be easy, as would warm-up, the rest should be working, quite heavy. This is for the first time. In the future, all the approaches should be easy.

It is a good idea, if you replace or complement the above exercise by squatting on a special simulator Smith. In principle, the technology of motion is not changing, but in this case the legs should be set so that when lifting the body you could move the neck up and slightly back. Squats on this simulator are considered to be less effective than exercises with pants, but in some cases they can be useful. That is characteristic: most people are able to be performed very deep squat with a fairly narrow statement of the feet. Therefore, you should perform 5 sets of 10-12 reps. While the first approach warm-up.

We should not forget that deep squats with a barbell increases the mass of the buttocks, but their form is not formed. So, if you want to increase the volume of your buttocks – this exercise is ideal.

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