Excuses a lot of girls and women

Excuses a lot of girls and women – Insta Fitness Models

Top fitness models girls and women
  • You only live once!
  • I have a bone wide!
  • Healthy eating is expensive!
  • I have a bad metabolism!
  • Everything is useful – in his mouth crawled!
  • From running can happen a heart attack!
  • Child not eat – do not throw…
  • I husband like I asked!
  • Lucky you are naturally slender!
  • A good man should be mnooogo!
  • Men are not dogs, on a bone do not rush!
  • You can eat whatever you want, the main thing to 18 00!
  • Better to swim on the waves than beating on the rocks!
  • Need to love yourself and accept who you are!
  • Rod girl is not allowed to reap! Want no children?
  • I have absolutely no time for sports work, family and children!
  • I have all in the family genes! Against nature not trample!
  • Are you going to go to the gym, nakachatsya, and you will look like a man!
  • I’ll take for myself! In a month exactly! Just now the session / week at work.
  • That’s aunt Valya, too, on a diet sat, and what? Now ulcer! My health is more expensive!
  • Easy for you to say, you have no children! I gave birth to two! Here give birth – then look at you!


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