Catharina Wahl

Fitness Model Catharina Wahl

Date of birth: 4 July 1991
Place of birth: Trondheim, Norway
Place of residence: Hungary
Competition weight: 57 kg
Weight in the offseason: 70 kg
Height: 173 cm


Catharina Wahl – serving athlete from Norway. Since childhood, she was involved in various sports including dance, football, baseball, horse riding, tennis and so on. But best of all it gets to run for short distances. She has set several records in run on 60 meters and ran the hundred meters in 12.33 with and was in the Junior team of Norway, but due to injury was forced to leave the sport at the age of 16 years.

5 years later Catharina Wahl went to the gym to get in shape. Her friends immediately asked her to participate in the competition fitness bikini, but Catharina Wahl felt uneasy on the stage and refused to perform in the sport. She was very modest and shy about wearing bikinis on the beach. But a few months later she decided to compete and prepare for him just 2 months. Good genetics and athletic past did the trick and Catharina showed great form. After the first competition, Wahl received a lot of positive emotions and decided to pursue a career in this sport.

Catharina Wahl loves to eat and is gaining a lot of weight in the offseason, but good genetics and a lot of cardio to allow her to come into the competition form for 3 weeks to a rigid diet. Friends describe Catharina as a very stubborn and determined person. The most horrible event in her life was the completion of a career in running, and Wahl more than anything afraid that circumstances will force her to abandon her athletic career again.

Now Catharina Wahl is found with protruding minsystem named Robin Balogh and moved to live in Hungary. She works as a personal coach, is a program of training/nutrition online and represents the brand Olimp sports nutrition.

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