Interval training is a sequential alternating periods of activity with high and low intensity. Say for example you are on a treadmill or just run outside for 1 minute you run at a leisurely pace and then 1 minute fast (explosive) pace. And so alternated for 10 – 15 minutes. Due to this change of the load in our body has an acceleration of metabolism, due to this we efficiently get rid of excess fat and strengthen their health. This method is applicable not only to run ragged, but to fitness in General.

Well-known sports in which there is a periodic change of load is football, hockey, basketball, Boxing, wrestling.

Why is it that the opinions of many coaches agree that for weight loss better interval training, not classic running? To understand this question, we turn to scientific studies.

So, it’s all about the muscles and their internal processes.
Our muscles include: fast fiber (also called former), slow fibers (red) and transitional (containing both white and red fibers).

Fast fibers (white) is a muscle fibers, which have a maximum force and rate of contraction, but tired quickly.
They are used in interval training, because that’s where the desired speed of muscle contraction in a short period of time.
Slow fibers (red) is a fiber contraction speed which is low, but they are hardy and can perform long-running work.
These fibers use a muscle while running long distances.

Now we understand that for interval training uses fast fiber, but for normal running, continuous – slow. But what to choose, because in that and in other case there is an effect. Not so simple to answer this question we need to know where to draw the energy of these two different types of training.

In interval training the main energy source is GLYCOGEN. Stored our body in the liver. The process of release of energy is called GLYCOLYSIS.
In the ordinary run energy source – FAT, a process called FATTY ACID OXIDATION.
And as we know that the body spends, the and stored, in this case fat.

What do we have? When a person, for whatever reason, ceases to run, he begins to gain weight. Because our body can not be reconstructed sharply, it continues to stock up on fat for energy for future runs, but they are not. So for fans of the sport to maintain your body in shape, you need to constantly run. Here is the answer..

 Fitness training program

Not need to be an expert to understand that interval training bypasses the usual run on many parameters:

  • The first is a small training time.
  • The second is the reserve of glycogen in the liver for energy rather than fat.
  • Third, acceleration of metabolism, so burn calories long after the workout. That is, you rest and lose weight.
  • For these reasons, in our time with high pace of life, more and more people prefer this type of training.

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