Taylor Anderson IFBB Bikini Pro

Taylor Anderson IFBB Bikini Pro

Date of birth: 23 July 1990
Location: new Jersey
Weight: 54 kg
Height: 170 cm

Taylor Anderson‘s childhood was very active and did many sports. She played soccer, softball, basketball and skiing. But most of all she was interested in cheerleading. In College, Taylor began to train in the gym to be in shape. After graduating from College, she decided that bodybuilding would be a great lesson for her and began performing in August of 2013. Then she took first place at its first tournament. In 2014, Taylor performed at the 9 tournaments NPC, and most of them were in the top 3. At the end of the spring season, she won the NPC Universe and received the status of IFBB Bikini Pro and now is an active speaker at professional tournaments.

Taylor Anderson started working as a model since I was 18. She posed for many magazines, catalogs, calendars, fashion shows, promotional events and television shows. She still works as a model. Higher education Taylor received the prestigious new York’s Pace University. Her specialization is psychology. For 3 years after graduation, she worked with children suffering from cerebral palsy and other serious diseases. Taylor recently graduated from the school of aesthetics and is going to start a career in the field of make-up and skin care.

Fitness Model Taylor Anderson (@ifbbpro_taylor) Instagram photos:

Taylor Anderson IFBB Bikini

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