5 exercises that should make every woman

5 exercises that should make every woman

Most likely, everyone who visits the gym, has their own preferences on the part of the exercise. Someone who likes to squat, someone who loves to deadlift, and someone does not feed bread, but give “leave” to the biceps. Different selection of exercises leads to different results. Someone workout and remain a set of exercises. Someone exercise develop into a harmonious program that helps to forge a toned and functional body.

Some women have created a training with heavy weights bad reputation. Rumors that heavy training is ruining the fragile women’s health and turns women into men, are not new and they can often be heard in gyms. The only thing forget the spreaders of these rumors is that without fredderick natural hormonal background will not allow the woman to become like man. And exorbitant weights without drugs You will not take. But to have elastic, toned and contoured body will.

So, girls, below You will find five great exercises that will make You better.

Exercise 1

Deadlifts in the sumo style. Deadlift sumo reminiscent of classic traction, the only difference is that the placing of the feet in the sumo is much wider. Thus, You shift the emphasis of the load: sumo deadlift Your feet are working more and less is back. It will be helpful for those women who want to avoid pererasti back muscles, but also want to have strong legs. Sumo deadlifts are also very good working on the adductor muscles of the thigh – this area is often a problem for many ladies.

Exercise 2

Front squat. Squats can make You a better athlete and powerlifter. Due to the fact that the weight is in front of the body, not on the back, You have to sink below. Front squat smaller ship back, than the classic. The position of the back and body in the front squat more natural. And although You will not be able to squat with the same weight as in a normal squat, You’ll still get an intense workload.

Exercise 3

The pull-UPS. If You want to develop your back, which will allow you to visually narrow the waist, then pull-UPS – Your option. In addition, it is the ideal exercise to develop strength of the upper body. Most women have a pretty weak upper body. And a much stronger bottom. In fact, the lower body in women is actually no different in strength from that of men. Moreover, wide hips and narrow shoulders women play a cruel joke when it comes to pull-UPS. But this does not mean that You ladies should not try to develop the upper body. Fortunately there are many options that will let You “grow” to a full pull-UPS: negative pull-UPS, static fading at the top point, pull-UPS with a partner, work on the simulator with a counterweight, Australian pullups, etc. in addition, You can pull up reverse grip: this grip helps the muscle develop more force, and perhaps it will help You to quickly learn to catch up.

Exercise 4

Jimboy swung. Who would not say, but jimboy swung is a great exercise for women. As you know, the military press is a very powerful and energy consuming exercise which is very exhausting the CNS. For many women, it may be worthwhile to replace the bench standing exactly on jimboy swung, which is not so much “hits” on the nervous system, allowing you to develop the shoulder girdle. Especially useful will be the ladies that perform “full Badi workout and do some basic exercises in one day (women are not so easy to concentrate on training as men).

Exercise 5

Jerk rod with visa. Certainly, by the fifth paragraph, many have realized that we are talking exclusively about mnogosloinykh exercises and the work in the gym in this article is not recommended. Well, here is another exercise that has nothing to do with chrome machines. All of the above exercises engaging multiple muscle groups – both target and stabilizing. This is the key to the development of a harmonious body. Jerk rod with visa is one of the best “full Badi movements. It is worth noting that this breakthrough requires a well-supplied equipment, but also reward You for applied to learning works. In a jerk You use your legs to repulsion, the height of the body, using the momentum obtained from the legs, pulls and pressurizes the rod, core muscles stabilize the movement. You simultaneously develop strength, coordination and explosion. Perfect, isn’t it?

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