7 effective nutritional duets for health

7 effective nutritional duets for health

1. To strengthen bone tissue and solve problems with the stomach, eat a combination of inulin and calcium.
Inulin is a special type of fiber that helps promote a balanced level of content in the human digestive system of different beneficial bacteria. In addition, this substance increases the level of absorption bone calcium.
Products – the leaders in content of calcium: milk, cheese, yogurt, broccoli, cabbage, canned sardines and salmon, soy cheese, tofu, rice, almond nuts and almond milk.
Products – the leaders in content of inulin: artichokes, bananas, garlic, onions and leeks, dandelion leaves, asparagus, chicory and wheat flour.

2. For strong bones you need to eat calcium in combination with vitamin D.
The body needs to get enough large amounts of vitamin D, for bone tissue could absorb calcium from food.
Products – the leaders in vitamin D are: herring, salmon, light tuna (canned), sardines, egg yolks, rice, fortified soy, cow or almond milk.

3. For the prevention of vision problems it is important to consume a combination of vitamins C and E, this active compound able to help you preserve visual acuity for many years.
Products – the leaders in content of vitamin E: almond butter nuts, peanuts and its oil, wheat germ, soy beans, sunflower seeds.
Products – the leaders in content of vitamin C are citrus fruits, guava, kiwi, bell pepper, Brussels sprouts and broccoli, potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries,fresh strawberries.

4. In order to get rid of feelings of fatigue and get a boost of energy, eat complex with vitamin C and iron.
Iron is responsible for providing oxygen to brain cells, muscles and all internal organs. Vitamin C fights disease, strengthens the gums, healthier heart and skin, and also helps the body cells to absorb iron.
Products – the leaders in content of iron: cereals, wheat germ, spinach, soy cheese – tofu, quinoa, starchy beans.

5. In order to strengthen your heart and musculoskeletal system, eat a combination of healthy fats and vitamin K.
The “right” fats, poly and monounsaturated (including omega-3), exert health effects on the body, reducing the level contained in the cholesterol. In addition, it is impossible without the fat the absorption of vitamin K that affect blood clotting and the structure of the bone.
Products – the leaders in vitamin K: cabbage, Brussels sprouts and Kale as well as broccoli, spinach, turnips and Swiss chard.
Products – the leaders in content of healthy fats: any nuts, vegetable oils, avocado and toasted sesame seeds.

6. For radiant and young skin you need substances such as beta – carotene in combination with healthy fats.
Order beta-carotene is transformed into a very useful vitamin a, he needs to interact with healthy fats. In addition to the healing and rejuvenation of the skin, this vitamin also has a positive effect on the reproductive and immune systems.
Products – the leaders in content of beta-carotene: cantaloupe, apricots, papaya, cabbage, carrot, bell pepper, potatoes and spinach.

7. To strengthen the immune system of your body take a combination of zinc and sulphur compounds.
Thanks to the sulfur compounds increases the body’s absorption of zinc, especially from different whole grain products. As a result, there is an increase in immunity, accelerates the healing process.
Products – the leaders in zinc content: all legumes, and whole grains and whole wheat bread.
Products – the leaders in content of sulfur compounds: garlic and onions.

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