Many women want to improve the shape or size of the breast. Many people think that exercise will help them in this. Partly Yes. The fact that the female breast consists primarily of mammary glands and fat. They largely determine the shape and size. The very same pectoral muscle is located below. Training these muscles, you will be able in some way to improve the breast shape but not size.

1. Dumbbell bench press at an angle upwards of 30 – 40 GRS.

When you press horizontally, equally working the whole muscle. The higher the angle, the more pronounced load on the upper part of the chest. But we recommend not to use more than 40 degrees. In the course will already shoulders.

2. Push-UPS from bench wide grip

The higher the bench the easier it is to overcome. Pick a height that could have wrung out at least 10 times. Chest have to touch the edge of the bench. Located the wider the hands the more it works the chest. But do not overdo it. Maximum 2 times wider than shoulders.

3. Divorce dumbbells lying

With this exercise you not only train the chest muscles, but also stretch them. Any sudden movements. It’s better stretch the chest more and the amplitude.

4. The reduction of arms in the simulator

Trains the inner part of the chest. The figure shows the variation of this simulator. Better that he was without supports for the elbows. It is better rastyagivayutsya chest and more amplitude.

5. Pullover with dumbbells lying

This exercise more on your chest muscles, and the latissimus dorsi. But it is their stretches. Therefore, it is to complete your training. For the beauty of your figure depends largely on the elasticity of your muscles.

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