Dencia and Paul Pogba Are Reportedly Dating

According to several reports, Nigerian/Cameroonian singer, Dencia is dating 23-year old French footballer Paul Pogba.

Days ago, the duo were spotted in LA and from the pictures shared by LIB, they are seen sitting so damn close, with the singer almost straddling him.

Paul Pogba has also been spotted cruising in her famous pink Rolls Royce.

See photos below:


Paul Pogba currently plays for Italian club Juventus and the France national team and he is rumoured to be joining Manchester United soon. His current salary (for 2016) is 4.5 million EUR.

On Wednesday Paul Pogba attended the 2016 ESPYs and even though they were not pictured together, Dencia also attended. She put up a video on snapchat and Instagram talking about how attending the award show was so last minute for her. Photos below.

In an interview he did with ESPN, if you look closely you can see Dencia standing behind the interview, trying not to get spotted. Her big blonde curls are however hard to miss.

Watch HERE.

And so, are they Africa’s hottest new couple?

For someone who had sworn she would keep her private life away from the media, this is one big deal. Here’s what she said in April:

“My life is still super private. No one will ever know who I [am] dating or date, when I have kids, etc. People only know what you put out.”

So far the two of them have not come forward to confirm or deny their alleged romance.

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