The food prolonging life

The food prolonging life

The best stabilizer of blood sugar
In raspberries contain anthocyanin (plant pigment), which supports insulin and controls blood sugar levels, thus protecting against diabetes.

Protection against colon cancer
Green or white tea
One Cup a day halves the risk of bowel cancer. The antioxidants in tea, called catechins, inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Skin protection
Scientists of the National Institute for cancer research, the United States found that people that consume a large amount of carotene (the pigment contained in carrots), 6 times less probability of skin cancer.

Protection for the heart
Consumption of natural fats, like salmon or olive oil increases HDL cholesterol. In addition, salmon contains large amounts of omega-3 to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Protecting your bones
Prawns are rich in vitamin B12, which makes bones stronger and plays an important role in the development of new cells. In addition, shrimp are a source of vitamin D, an important ingredient in the bone.

Protection from breast cancer
Whole grain
According to the study, women receiving at least 30 g of whole grains per day, 2 times less predisposed to the disease of lung cancer. A Cup of oatmeal with blueberries – the best protection from breast cancer.

Controller of blood pressure
Boiled potatoes
Consumption of potassium (enough 400 g of boiled potatoes, but make sure the potatoes with the skin on!) significantly reduces blood pressure.

The best protection for teeth
The researchers found that 10 g of Cheddar cheese, Gouda or mozzarella a day lowers the pH level, which prevents tooth damage.

The best defender of view
Spinach or lettuce
National Institute of health found that those who consume lutein (found in green), 43% less likely to have macular degeneration.

Hair restoration
The iron in the meat stimulates the renewal and restoration of hair. In addition, beef is rich in zinc which prevents hair loss.

Protection from prostate cancer
The components in the garlic, reduce the likelihood of prostate cancer by 50%.

Protection from lung cancer
A grapefruit a day reduces the development of lung cancer by 50%. In grapefruit contains naringin, which helps to reduce the level of enzymes that encourage the growth of cancer cells.

Control cholesterol
Olive oil
The antioxidants in olive oil, raise HDL cholesterol (good) and lower levels of LDL cholesterol (bad). And olive oil is an excellent protection against cardiovascular diseases.

The best stimulant for the brain
Except that coffee gives energy boost for 90 minutes, Cup of coffee in the morning source of antioxidants, which prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease by more than 60%

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