Steph Pacca

Steph Pacca

Steph Pacca is a model of fitness and coach staff of Perth, Australia, that is specialized in the definition muscle and loss of fat. This beautiful girl fitness is very famous in his country of origin and their photography and videos will have widespread of form massive by internet. She has experienced throughout the world of fitness, also has 5 years of training in boxing competition and 7 years of State-level athletics.

Steph chooses an approach more intense for its method of training, the incorporation of high intensity of training in intervals, as well as others movements of weight body explosive, as them exercises plyometrics etc. Your training plan has been very well received and has managed to help more than 200 people with amazing results.

Fitness Model Steph Pacca (@steph_pacca) Instagram photos:

Australian Fitness Model Steph Pacca

Fitness Model Steph Pacca

Australian Fitness Steph Pacca

Australian female Fitness Model Steph Pacca

Australian female Fitness Steph Pacca

Australian Steph Pacca in bikini

Australian Model Steph Pacca

female Fitness Steph Pacca

Fitness Model Steph Pacca

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