Marta Lasso, beauty and strength in Pekin Express

Marta Lasso is conquered many viewers of the fourth edition of Pekin Express transmitted by LaSexta.She has a degree in journalism from the University of the Basque Country, also has worked as a stewardess and practice Promotora the Kickboxer. 

The sidekick on the route of elephants is Giorgi, former girlfriend and now great friends. Under the Sportsmen, warriors and authentic slogan next to #siemprefuertes hashtag have had great receptivity of the public who follow in their social networks, you can follow on Instagram @martapirineos and Twitter: @martapirineos . Now also used his official account program. MartaPExpress 

They are a very strong partner and could reach the end of the route of elephants. You enjoy your most beautiful photos and video where I make debut in a fight kickboxer.

Pictures of Jon Tazzioli

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