Bianca Briggitte, the beautiful daughter of Jean-Claude Van Damme

Bianca Briggitte is anexpert in martial arts, talent he comes by his parents and is that Bianca is beautiful and sensual daughter of Jean-Claude Van Damme, Hollywood star remembered for his action movies. 

Bianca is 25 years old and her mother Gladys Portugues is who was a finalist of the popular Ms. Olympia.His parents married in 1987 but divorced in 1992. In 1999 remarried, but in March 2015 Portugues again filed for divorce, citing "irreconcilable differences." Bianca started doing martial arts on film with his father in 2008. 

Although he enjoyed the experience, did not take too seriously "the Shepherd: Border Patrol". Moreover, Bianca admits: "I did not like what I saw on the screen when I saw my first movie I realized that if this was what was going to spend, had to do things right.". Since childhood her parents encouraged to practice the martial arts, his dream, however, was to be a speed skater and to one day compete in the Olympics, but an injury ended his vocation. 

He has worked as an actress and producer in one of the films of his father, as six bullets and Assassination Games expects to achieve recognition and success in film, where he used the stage name of Bianca Bree and has two titles by brand, ' Enter the Fist and the Golden Fleecing 'and' Paranormal Activity Security Squad '.

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