10 harmful products

10 harmful products

1. Chips:
By itself the potato is not a useful product, in whatever form it was not cooked. And chips and generally it is nothing natural: some carcinogens, oil, flavorings and flavor enhancers. Frequent eating chips threatens cancer, and weight issues. The same can be said about the fries.

2. Pop:
 Dyed water bubbles are much more harmful than gouache, diluted in water and mixed with sugar. There is a perception that it is best to drink fast food soda, but it is not: soda blunts hunger, thereby causing you to eat another hamburger. By the way, Coca-Cola light is no better than regular Cola, it contains a sugar substitute that is many times more harmful than him.

3. Fast food:
It is quite obvious that this product will get the list of the most harmful. Try to name at least some of its advantages besides speed and low cost. They are not. To quickly satisfy your hunger, you can prepare the same sandwich of cheese, vegetables, lettuce, and shrimp. And to no sauce and mayonnaise.

4. Mayonnaise:
We are talking about store-bought mayonnaise. If you stop the use of this product, we can see how in a couple of weeks centimeters in waist will be much smaller. The mayonnaise can add ketchup and various sauces. They contain flavorings, fats and taste enhancers, but natural ingredients in them. It is better to substitute low-fat sour cream. So it will be tastier and healthier.

5. The salt and sugar:
As you know, salt and sugar is white death. Salt prevents the passage of water in the body and is deposited in the most unnecessary places. With sugar increasingly clear – for anyone who is losing weight is the number one enemy. From these products to give up completely impossible, but if insufficient salting your food, soon you can get used to the natural taste of the food, unadulterated by salt. And sugar should be replaced with honey.

6. Alcohol:
About the dangers of this product known to all. To drink alcoholic beverages once a week – it is alcoholism, not know how to spend the holiday sober, too. For a start, it is necessary to abandon cheap alcohol by type of bottled beer and wines in Tetra Pak cartons. Another option is to meet with the teetotal of the company.

7. Sausages, smoked meats:
Who knows what cooked sausages and how much they weeks. Salting and Smoking of meat is only necessary in order to make it last longer. Of course, useful elements disappear, but the cadaveric phenomenon in the sausage do not stop. But you won’t notice, because the sausage added flavorings and flavor enhancers.

8. Fried:
Cooking in sunflower oil or margarine in food kills all the beneficial properties and simultaneously distributes carcinogens. Plus, during the roasting of the liquid in the product is replaced by oil, which makes calories dishes even higher. Alternatively, the products are lightly fried to a crisp, then finish cooking in a double boiler or the oven.

9. Sweet:
Among the harmful sweets can allocate jelly, chewing candy, lollipops. They are much more harmful than a piece of cake. The fact is that they contain huge amounts of artificial colors and flavors. If you want sweet, try to eat honey, dried fruit, chocolate if necessarily bitter.

10. White bread:
This includes all flour products. Fresh rolls or white bread is very tasty, but in such bakery products is not anything useful. The thing is that the flour used for their production are already cleared of nutritional fiber. So it is better to consume whole grain bread is much healthier.

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