Summer Olympic Games Mascots

Every four years they are trying to approach some customs of the country they represent . Are the mascots of the Games since Munich in 1972 have never lost a single appointment. Some have been more successful than others, but they can not be denied that are always present when the Olympic torch is lit.

Waldi (Munich 1972)
Bavarian sausage dog caracterísitico. It was the first Olympic mascot and was a great success thanks to its colorful, representing some of the Olympic colors.

Amik (Montreal 1976)
It represents an animal that is almost the emblem of Canada, the beaver. Symbol of friendship, patience and hard work and wore a red band exactly like ribbons hung with medals. It is not among preferred by fans of the Games mascots.

Misha (Moscow 1980)
It was a brown bear, symbol of one of the most common ones in Russia and animals. Misha all kinds of merchandising sold, from soft toys, key chains or cases to anything imaginable.

Sam (Los Angeles 1984)
It is an eagle, symbol of the United States and also shares its name with Uncle Sam, another American icon. It was designed by a Disney artist.

Hodori (Seoul 1988)
Tiger attempts to represent the hospitality and friendship of the Korean people. The name was chosen from more than 2,000 suggestions and also was a tigress named Hosuni but very rarely used.

Cobi (Barcelona 1992)
It is depicting a dog cubist style, inspired by the breed of Catalan Shepherd. Although at first Cobi did not have very good reception, the truth is that as the Games approached was achieving greater acceptance, becoming one of the favorite.

Izzy (Atlanta 1996)
Blue character animation, created by computer, which can take several different forms. The first version received a cold reception which caused a redesign that came Izzy. But the truth is that this animal was considered a complete failure.

Olly, Syd and Millie (Sydney 2000)
these three mascots representing the country animals were created. Olly is a kookaburra and is a typical Australian bird. Its name comes from the word Olympiad. Syd is a platypus that is named Sidney be the scene of the Games. Millie is an echidna finally and represents the modern woman. Named after millennium, since the Olympics They were held in 2000.

Phevos and Athena (Athens 2004)

In Spanish are called Athena and Phoebus and are a tribute to the Greek gods. Athena is the goddess of wisdom, while Febo was one of the names of Apollo, guardian of music and sport.

Beibei (Beijing 2008)
Beibei, along with four other children, each one colour was chosen to become Games mascot and reprenta friendship and welcome that Beijing gave the rest of the world. They were very successful, since each represented a Chinese characteristic animal, one of the five Olympic colours and traditional elements.

Wenlock and Mandeville (London 2012)
Wenlock is a metal doll with orange lines and was the mascot of the Olympic Games and Mandeville is also metal, but their lines are blue and fuchsia and was the Paralympic Games. According to his story they were created by one of the builders of the stadium that makes these dolls retire their grandchildren.

Vinicius and Tom (Rio 2016)
The face and body several aspects Vinicius (d) are those of a cat, but it also has elements of a monkey. The aim was to show the wildlife so different that there is in Brazil. It was the Brazilian people who chose their name on a ballot and is a tribute to singer Vinicius de Moraes. Meanwhile Tom (i) will be the Paralympic mascot symbolizing the country's flora.

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