Meet Ingrid de Oliveira

Ingrid de Oliveira is one of the Brazilian athletes has generated controversy in Rio de Janeiro for their involvement in a sex scandal in the Olympic Village, which also related to Pedro Goncalves, participant rowing. 

The athlete is 20 years old and discipline is the trampolining. The athlete was winning the silver medal in the Pan American Games in Toronto. 

The athlete said Rio 2016 started with options to win a medal and days before competing asked his team mate Pedrosa Giovanna to let her have sex with Goncalves. This made ​​his performance in the competition is not as expected, being among the last. 

De Oliveira was expelled, according to international media, Rio 2016. The clavadista apologized for the night escaped from the Olympic Village to have sex with rower Pedro Gonçalves, this action left without a medal to Brazil in sync. 

"Everyone can make a mistake , " said De Oliveira media that have gathered in Brazil.

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