PUMP UP THE BUTTOCKS. Exercises and tips

How to build a beautiful buttocks

How to build a beautiful buttocks? And give them a beautiful shape?

Here are some tips you should read before proceeding to the exercises:

  • Before any motion ensure that the muscles of the legs, buttocks, pelvis and abdomen was tense. This protects the joints and makes muscles work harder.
  • When you’re lying in the original position on the side, no need to fill up the pelvis back and round your back.
  • Elbow resting hands should be firmly attached to the floor.When you’re lying in their original positions on the back, your pelvis should be parallel to the floor.
  • You should also observe the stability of the middle position of the pelvis.To lower and raise the pelvis and legs slowly.
  • Transitions should not be, the movement is evenly distributed.
  • One of the important components is proper breathing. At a voltage necessary to make the exhale when relaxing breath. This creates a rhythm of exercise, the particular pace that is right for you, besides, you get enough oxygen.
  • In exercises that require fast pace, no need to hold your breath, just breathe evenly and calmly.Follow the rules of nutrition

How to build give them a beautiful shape

Exercise 1. How to pump up the buttocks.

Lie on your right side, lean on elbow, the palm of the let supports the head. The second hand (which was on top) put on the floor directly in front of you so as to press the elbow to the floor. This way you will avoid various injuries of the lumbar spine. Legs bent at the knees and hips at an angle of 90 degrees, back straight. This provision will need to be maintained throughout the overall exercise. Not separating the foot, pull the knee of the involved leg, and bend with every movement of the buttocks. The lumbar back should be perpendicular to the floor, that is, the pelvis is stationary, while the knee works. You need to do 40 reps one leg, and then, turning to the other side, 40 reps for the second leg.

Exercise 2. How to pump up the buttocks.

Sit on your heels, slightly dissolve knees in the parties. Keep your back straight and pull your belly. Hands to raise up and slightly back, linking hands. Lift the pelvis by 7-10 centimeters above the floor, and begin to do the slow rotational motion of the pelvis. For the overall exercise it is necessary to strain muscles of the buttocks. Number of repetitions: 10 rotations in one direction, 10 in reverse. The plane of rotation of your pelvis should be parallel to the floor, in any case do not lower or lift your pelvis. Legs and body under rotations needs to be fixed.

Exercise 3. How to pump up the buttocks.

Lie on your right side, lean on elbow, palm to support the head. Elbow second hand press to the floor. Straight leg position at a right angle to the body, keep the back straight. His leg needed to be lifted so that the stop at the highest point was parallel to the floor, but the foot should not turn toe up, try to watch that. This greatly affects the performance of the exercises: the heel should be level with the toe. Perform 10 repetitions, then lift the leg to a certain height and do 10: creates smooth and resilient, so-called “spring”.

Exercise 4. How to pump up the buttocks.

Take a starting position – lie on stomach, forehead put on crossed palms, press the chin to the chest. Legs straight, slightly apart. Bend your knees to form a 90 degree angle, feet connect together. Smoothly follow UPS bent legs up. Make 10-15 repetitions. Throughout the exercise your knees should not touch the floor.

Exercise 5. How to pump up the buttocks.

Lie down on your back, legs bend at the knees and feet shoulder width apart. Slightly lift the pelvis. For exercise, do not touch the buttocks sex. Tighten buttock muscles and lift your pelvis all the way up, then fall to the floor, but so that the pelvis did not concern him.

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