For girls – The strategy and tactics of slender legs

The strategy and tactics of slender legs

Feet, perfect by nature, rare even among the stars. In most cases, graceful shape is the result of a serious (and well-planned!) efforts. Well, let’s get to work!

1. Strengthen and give relief.

Object: lean, slightly “sluggish” legs.

Goal: to improve leg shape, making them more ripped and toned.

Facilities: weight training. Your goal is to build muscle, so gym sessions should be the main point of your exercise program. Aerobics and dancing — supporting activities.

The program: 2-3 times a week training in the gym focusing on exercises for the leg muscles. The approximate scheme: 3 sets of 12-15 times with a gradual increase in weight. This will help build muscle. In addition, more likely to achieve their goals will help a certain power: for example, one hour after workout you should eat a light protein meal — omelette, fish. Once a week to improve the overall shape of the feet is obligatory aerobic, dance or slide.

An exercise in “hurry”: liftings on socks. Stand up straight, feet on width of shoulders, abdomen and buttocks tightened. Get up on tiptoes, straining knees and feet and as if they stretch up, hold for a couple seconds and lower down. Repeat 15 times. Series execution of lifts with different position of feet: parallel to each other, socks inside, socks outside.

2. Achieve elegance.

body motivational - Achieve elegance

Object: massive legs, full-bodied.

Goal: to reduce the volume of the thighs and shins, making the silhouette of your legs lighter and more graceful.

Tools: – shaping or strength training in combination with aerobics or modern dance.

Your goal is to strengthen the muscles, not “pumping” them, and to get rid of excess fat on the feet. So you “shown” strength exercises with moderate loads and cardio to fat burning.

The program: 2-3 times a week training or shaping in the gym. Approximate scheme of the classes at the gym: 3 sets of 15-20 times with a small or medium weights. With more weight you have to work contraindicated: legs can get fatter! Strength training combine with cardio machines: bike, stepper or treadmill. Once a week is useful to go to the pool or include in the training program, doing aerobics or dancing. Carefully observe the diet on training days: limit consumption trudnosgoraemyh protein and don’t eat within three hours after a workout.

An exercise in “hurry”: squats. Put your feet shoulder-width apart, slightly kindle socks and squat, squeezing your knees and straining buttocks. Do during the day 5-7 approaches. This is a good exercise to cope with the “breeches”.

3. Reduce the volume.

fitness model Reduce the volume

Object: too full, loose legs.

Objective: to reduce the hips, making the leg more toned and slim.

Tools: any kind of exercises aimed at an intense burning of calories, plus strength training. Your goal is to get rid of excess curves and increase muscle volume (this will give the feet the required smartness and speed up weight loss).

Application: 3-4 times a week running, aerobics, dancing, cardio workouts at the gym. All of these classes require decent amounts of power, so they will speed up the process of weight reduction. If you’re bored to do all the time the same series of different types of training. During strength training, work with light weight and perform 3 sets of 15 times per group of muscles. You need to avoid activities that require excessive physical activity: usually they are not very useful to those who wish to lose weight, but healthily tired and discourage to fitness. Strictly observe the diet on training days.

Exercise in haste: attacks. Stand on your toes, make lunge right foot forward, hold this position for a few seconds and return to starting position. Repeat the same with left leg. If the attacks try to strain your buttocks, stomach to keep caught up, and back straight.

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