Lauren Drain Kagan – What do you prefer – more shredded, as is or a bit softer?

Fitness Model Training Lauren Drain Kagan


I have a lot of clients and people ask me how to get something faster. They ask how to get tighter glutes or how to drop weight fast.

They want to get in shape in two weeks or get fit just for a vacation. I advise you don’t seek the easy route. If it’s easy, results will either be drastic and non maintainable, or you’ll develop some seriously harmful habits leaving you feeling ashamed or disappointed. Seek progress. Seek short term goals that develops into longer term ones.

Take photos of yourself once a week and compare. Learn new recipes to incorporate into your everyday life. Seek activities that are fun and also burn calories, such as outdoors hikes, trampoline parks, sports or hobbies.

Start with short term goals such as getting fit for vacation, but learn to love the progress, reassess and plan for the future:
maybe it’s maintaining your physique, or maybe it’s to become stronger. Either way, if you don’t set a long term plan, the easy route will leave you lacking and maybe worse off than when you started.

The harder route will take longer, take patience and have some setbacks, but you’ll learn how to overcome each failure leaving you stronger than you ever were when you started.

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