In the modern world women’s bodybuilding and enjoys its popularity. More girls, women begin to engage in the gym. Or he does not care coach, whether from a lack of information, women commit a number of mistakes in the classroom. This article lists the most popular mistakes that are worth paying attention to.

1. The repetition of the same exercises every day. During exercise the muscles get very tired. And in order to recover, you need time. Each muscle group needs time to rest (at least 48 hours) between sessions. An experienced coach suggest to train different muscle groups 1 time per week.

2. Do not use water. During hard training the water from the body is removed. And if stocks do not recover, then You will get tired very quickly. The use of water in the human body is priceless. As an example, the fact that water washes away toxins and harmful substances, supports healthy joints, and, not least, during exercise reduces the likelihood of syncope or dizziness.

3. Excessive cardio workout. Quite often the misconception that long cardio workouts may help to keep in shape. During these sessions the body produces a large amount of cortisol, which leads to the destruction of muscle tissue. It is known that the size of muscle mass determines the metabolic rate (the smaller the mass the lower the metabolism). Coach suggest to do loads of cardio 3 – 4 times a week. Regarding the duration, it is about 40 minutes. But it is worth noting that for each person this time can be different.

4. Fear of strength training. Many women just believe that if they lift weights, it will be quite “big”. But it’s not. Strength training will help to get the desired relief leg muscles, flat stomach, firm buttocks – all in all a great and attractive body. If the exercises to do exercises with the weights, the calories will burn more.

5. Try not to sweat. Sweating during exercise is a normal natural process. And do not worry about your makeup or appearance. It is still a gym.

6. The use of spirits. First of all it is rude to other people in the gym. Often athletes have to experience oxygen starvation and a sharp smell of perfume only worsen the situation. There are people who are very sensitive to various fragrances. The sharp perfume they can start an allergic reaction or it will be bad.

7. Not the correct technique exercises Vertical traction wide grip”. Many women try hands only to pull the neck down and push too low (reaching the level of the belly). This is not true. Proper technique is the following: you need hands to take up the fingerboard a little wider than shoulders and pull the neck to a level slightly above the chest. The body should slightly lean backward as you pull down. Another helpful hint – do not attempt to grab his neck tightly. This will ease the load off the biceps. Attempt during traction to shoulder blades and bulging forward of the chest.

8. Big load on the abdominal muscles. It is impossible to lose the layer of fat on the abdomen, training the press (abdominal muscles). If you do abdominal training, it will only create the appearance of a tight abdomen. To reduce the layer of fat you must strictly adhere to diet and carry out cardio workout.

9. The disuse of protein after a workout. Protein is essential for muscle recovery after a workout. The body of each woman is individual. So You need to consult with a nutritionist or trainer, in order to establish the necessary post-workout amount of carbohydrates, fats, glutamine and of course protein.

10. The most common mistake of women is the implementation of the activity “Bending towards”. This exercise, in fact, provides not the desired effect – expanding waistline. Remember, it is impossible to reduce the layer of fat, pumping muscles that are under him.

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