Best Sport Sponsorship deals in the World

Federation International de Football Association or simply FIFA reached $1.4 billion from sponsorship deals during the World Cup in Brazil only with 20 major companies.

It is much? Referring to the last World Cup, in South Africa, that’s means 10 percent more sponsorship revenue! Note that US corporate spending on sports sponsorships was $20 billion in 2013, more than 30% from total US television advertising.

In the first quarter of this year two shocking news:

  • Adidas reported a monster new contract – 10 year kit agreement with Spanish club Real Madrid worth €140m annually.
  • Barcelona have reportedly, according to Catalan newspaper Ara, 10 year contract agreement with US manufacturer Nike, a deal worth €100million per year

In Top 10 Richest Sponsorship Deals of Soccer only Real Madrid and Barcelona represent Spain. England had five teams in the top: Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City!

“A sports sponsorship property is worth different amounts to different companies”, says Carsten Thode, chief strategy officer at sports marketing agency Synergy and former Manchester United strategist. Each advertiser develop a sponsorship strategy according to overall objectives of portfolio. Marketing departments implement a sophisticated marketing ROI. It is easy now to understand why 20 billion in USA and why so many teams from England.

The most known sponsorship from England are: Manchester United – adidas, Chelsea – adidas, Arsenal – Puma, Liverpool – Warrior, Manchester City – Nike, Tottenham Hotspur – Under Armour, and Crystal Palace FC – sponsored by Mansion Group the owner of online casino website.

If you look on this sponsorship you will see that  many of them include “Kit Suppliers Deals”. Companies like adidas, Nike, Under Armour or Puma pay yearly fee to the clubs (including here all the teams, from juniors to seniors) to control the clubs merchandise and team kits. In this case some part of ROI can be forecast with more accurate from the t-shirts sold to supporters. And from here come a huge amount!

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