How to tighten skin after weight loss

First rule. Lose weight slowly! Really want to get rid of excess as soon as possible, but do not forget that all those extra pounds you ate not a week or a month, respectively, your skin was stretched gradually, therefore, to lose weight not to cause skin damage, it is necessary gradually, no more than 2-3 kilograms per month. For a long time… but nothing can be done, better and longer permanently, the faster and not for long!

The second rule. No diets! Only a balanced diet: vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, harmful the carbs (but in moderation). It is necessary to eat everything, but do not overeat. And forget about such slogans as: “lose Weight in a month for 7-10 pounds”. With any diet you lose water, due to which there is a rapid weight loss, when fasting, you lose muscle, but from fat you get very little, and therefore, returning to a normal life, you can easily gain the lost weight.

The third rule. Drink plenty of water! First, water removes toxins from the body, and secondly you need to drink to maintain water balance of the skin, and therefore its elasticity.

The fourth rule. Taking a shower, RUB the problem areas hard sponge with natural bristles (loofah, sisal), and then take a contrast shower. It perfectly tones and tightens the skin and helps you to cheer up, to clean and refresh the entire body, improve blood circulation, that is, to make your blood run faster, and will charge you with positive energy and mood. Wait a few minutes under a hot shower, and then 30-60 seconds to make the water cold as much as I can stand, the better, of course, ice. Repeat this cycle two or three times.

The fifth rule. One to two times per week use a body scrub in the process of peeling from the skin removes old, dead skin cells and impurities, blood circulation improves, the skin becomes smooth, soft, radiant.

The sixth rule. We advise you not to neglect the massage, if possible have a massage in the salon is great, but you can at home. A very effective massage for the skin of the abdomen and plucked, it is one of the most effective ways of reducing the volume and getting rid of extra inches. To do this, lie on your back, relax and raise a little skin on the abdomen, as if you pinched yourself. Moving clockwise, continue to pinch the skin, with each round do it more intensely, to the end of the procedure, the skin was slightly reddened. Then use a moisturizing and firming cream, stroking belly clockwise.

The seventh rule. The mandatory application of a special firming creams for the body, they are designed for fast recovery of the skin of the abdomen, waist, chest, hips and forearms. These funds smoothes the skin, stimulates the regeneration of the epithelium, softens it and eliminates stretch marks, tones the skin and improves its tone. Any cream will make your skin soft and silky, elastic, soft and radiant, but only in combination with the eight Golden rules.

The eighth rule. Sport is a great tool not only lose weight but to boost my mood for the whole day. No matter what sport you like, whether it’s swimming, aerobics, Jogging for weight loss or bodybuilding, most importantly, that you will get a lot of positive emotions and correct set of exercise will help tighten up and bring your figure in order to contribute to the development of muscles, strengthening of the press, treatment of excess cellulite and the overall physical strengthening. Yeah, oddly enough, and without exercise anywhere, and most importantly, it should be a constant companion of life!

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