The 8 most effective exercises for a toned stomach

The 8 most effective exercises for a toned stomach.

Exercise 1. Squat on one leg Stand up straight, feet on the width of the pelvic bones. Suck in your stomach and strength of the muscles of the lower press pull up your left knee to the waist. Do 15 squats on the right leg, then stop, change legs and do the repeat with the right foot. It is very important to pull the knee to the waist by the power of the press, this little scrotes in the waist and give the pelvis a little forward.

Exercise 2. The pendulum Stand straight, hands on waist or upper thighs. Suck in your stomach and a little stretch the lower ribs to the pelvic bones. On this state of “easy to twist” move the body weight on the right leg and the left pull to the side. Jump, switch legs so that they move in the same plane parallel to the wall. Keep moving for 2 minutes.

Exercise 3. Curl in the squat is Very important to involve the stomach and relax it until the end of the exercise. Take the basic stance – feet shoulder width pelvic bones, the abdomen, back straight. Go down into a squat until thighs parallel with the floor, now hold your body parallel to the floor, and stretch right hand to left foot, twisting and straining press. Suck in your stomach even more, straighten up. Do 15 movements on each side.

Exercise 4. Hand to foot Stand up straight, get balance, get the right leg off the floor, take her back. Pull up your left hand and stretch the knee of the right leg to the left elbow. Straighten up. Do it as fast as possible for 60 repetitions on each side.

Exercise 5. A jump Stand up straight, working principle as in the first exercise. First curl the lower ribs to the pelvis, then transfer weight from one foot to the other, performing the jump-off, do not forget that to pull the knee to the stomach it is necessary to force the abdominal muscles. Work for 2 minutes and the pace should be comfortable, so that it was possible to complete the approach.

Exercise 6. Mill on one foot, shift your body weight on your right foot, bend the left, and the power of the press bring the knee to the stomach. Do an easy forward bend, stretch your right arm up and left down. Suck in your stomach. Within 30 seconds, switch hands, curled in the body – get your left hand up as much as possible while remaining on one foot. The goal is not to fall from precarious positions. “Mills” can be slow. Repeat with the other leg.

Exercise 7. Squat-jump From the rack straight down to the squat position, jump up so that his feet did not change the width of the rack. Do what you can, at least 10 times.

Exercise 8. A deadlift on one leg Stand up straight, shift your body weight on the right leg, suck in your stomach. Stretch straight body forward so that the fingers were at the level of mid-calf. Repeat 15 times very slowly, switch legs. Practice regularly, and don’t forget that a flat belly “loves” diet, full of fiber, protein and unsaturated fats like to lose belly fat, will fit the Mediterranean diet.

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