Michelle Häfliger Personal Trainer

Michelle Häfliger Personal Trainer

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My Name is Michelle Häfliger

Today, I am 22 years old, live in Switzerland and am a passionate Sportswoman.

Currently, I am pursuing ambitious, my goal is to develop myself on a healthy and balanced way and to come closer to my goals.

However, this was not always so.

In 1994 I came in Sursee. My parents raised me warmly and patiently, and so I grew up happy. My father was a successful martial artist and took me to my request, even as a 6 year old with you to the Training. Although it was pretty good to me, I turned with age of this Sport and spent my time with everyday things which young people do so.

After the end of compulsory education, I started an apprenticeship as a hairdresser and taught what it means to earn money. In the following period of time then, I discovered the night life and large celebrated weekly, swift parties, and consumed Frequently stimulants such as alcohol and cigarettes. For sports a lot of space in my spare time, not more, however, remained.

In these 3 years I lived quite unconscious of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.

So I ate very deficient, stressed my body only through the work of teaching, as well as the parties and the consumption of alcohol.

This showed only the presence of my physical Constitution and my very frail, weak appearance.
Even after the successful completion of my apprenticeship, it changed for the time being not much to my life style, because I was not aware of my Situation really aware of.

The will of a more powerful look was there, but lacked a certain amount of know-how, as well as the necessary motivation and the right Plan.

19 then I met companions happen to be Known by my present life and Trainer. He was already a successful athlete and nutrition coach with years of experience, after all, he is also 9 years older than me.

He realized right away my Potential and offered me to train me. He gave me courage and explained to me, is that every goal is achievable if the will is strong enough, and the each of the profit demands of its victims. He self-trained already since he was 18. Age and motivated me through his experience in this Sport.

Quickly, I began to take my Chance and turned my whole life upside down.

Instead of fast food and Snacks, I prepared me now real meals, started my food to prepare themselves, and fed me well, day-to-day in a more conscious and balanced.

In place of parties and Hang out, I planned my training sessions. Together with my friend, and thanks to my enormous curiosity, I taught in a short time much that is worth knowing, and was thus able to make rapid progress. What began with basic exercises, developed up today, to a sophisticated training plan, which my entire body, compensated claims, and helps me to my edit, the weak points targeted.

After disciplined hard Training and diet, I prefer to today, a successful balance sheet. My goals I surpassed a long time ago, and New formed.

To the reactions of my fellow human beings to me is always clear, what a huge Transformation I have created. This and my ever burning fire for this Sport motivates me daily to continue on this path. In short, I live now finally met, and I’m happy to take my place in this Sport have found.

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Michelle Häfliger German fitness model

German fitness model Michelle Häfliger

German female fitness model Michelle Häfliger

German female fitness model Michelle Häfliger

German female Personal Trainer Michelle Häfliger

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