The best applications for exercise: Fitness Buddy

We recommend the apps that will help you get in shape and will guide you through your physical training.

Description of the app: Is an app in English that gives you the possibility of performing more than 1500 unique exercises in the gym. It presents itself as the perfect complement to all the personal trainers and also for people who want to take care of yourself.

The integration of the application within the app of the Health of the Iphone is perfect, and helps you to have at all times absolute control of your body. In addition, it presents a few charts and images that made the navigation in the app very user-friendly.

Pictures, training routines, exercises for each muscle group…this app will not leave you indifferent (you can buy extensions, with improvements and more exercises)

Evaluation users: 4/5

Available on iTunes and Android: Yes

Download ‘Fitness Buddy’ on iTunes

Download ‘Fitness Buddy’ on Android

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