Upper body workout for women

Upper body workout for women

Training, training and again training… the only way to achieve a good result. As for exercises for the upper body – they are perhaps one of the most difficult and require much more effort than any other.

In this case, the painful post-workout effect can not be avoided, but it will have to endure for a brilliant result.

Training program. Features of the female body

The body of the weak half of the population tend to accumulate nutrients, which then have somehow to use. This happens on the hormonal level leads to an increase in muscle mass.

That is why one should clearly and carefully to follow the diet and diet, if necessary.

In addition, the muscles of the female body contain much smaller muscle fibers than men, therefore, to achieve a good result have a lot more to work on.

It is equally important to take into account the fact that the distribution of muscles in the female body and a disproportionately large part of them is in the lower body, so it is important to pay much attention to the top, to maintain it in form.

What are the exercises for the upper body?

Training can be organised in different ways. It all depends on your body type, goals and physical capabilities. The diversity of exercises, justified primarily by the fact that pumping in the upper body and have arms and a back, and chest.

All of these body parts plays an important role in creating a beautiful feminine image, so they need an individual approach.

Training program. Learn more about the exercises

If other parts of the body you can safely train at home, in the case of a set of exercises for the upper part without any special auxiliary materials and trainers just won’t do

And the exercises are as follows:

  • the first step is to warm up, after which you should proceed directly to the implementation of targeted exercises;
  • act better from top to bottom, that is, to begin with training the arms, namely, the first exercise will be dumbbell bench press at an angle upwards in three divided doses for 20 times;
act better from top to bottom
  • the following exercise is designed to train the hands and muscles of the chest and is a rod shaped neck (3*20), which is performed in the supine position on the chest;
  • in continuation to perform a bench press bar on flat bench 15 times in three steps (weight pancakes for the rod initially it is better to choose the minimum and increase it gradually);
bench press bar on flat bench
  • lever thrust to the belt browsing is also done in three steps, but at 20 times, this exercise helps you to train like the arms, chest muscles and back;
lever thrust to the belt browsing is also done
  • the reduction of arms in the simulator is equally effective exercise and also allows you to train all muscle groups of the upper part, is performed in three steps for 20 times;
 equally effective exercise
  • straightening arms with the upper block also occur over twenty times three is fairly easy, but at the same time effective;
straightening arms with the upper block
  • bending of hands with dumbbells at the end will help you to balance the breath and strengthen the result of exercise.
bending of hands with dumbbells

Do not forget that the guarantor of success is only hard work and no one will not do for you what you must do for yourself. Don’t leave on the later train and be beautiful!

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