Angelica Hernandez, the model fitness that will put some spice to the Challenge 2016

Angelica Hernandez, the model fitness Challenge 2016

Angelica Maria Hernandez, is one of the participants of this year’s ‘Challenge Super Human’ is part of the group of the vallunos, that with your figure and your spice to the talk have managed to call the attention not only of their peers but of the colombian people.

This calena 29-year-old, is a model, fitness from seven years ago and to pursue that dream left his career in industrial engineering when he was in seventh semester.

Angelik, as is done call in the Challenge, it is considered a woman resistant and with great strength in the lower extremities, he trains daily with a mask specialized to improve your cardiovascular condition.

In competition, do not fear to face any man as it makes sure that it is very strong. Their activities in the gym are complemented with skating, swimming, yoga, dance and the pole dance, which practice some months ago.

Angelica Hernandez model fitness

Angelica Hernandez model fitness Challenge 2016

Angelica Hernandez abs

Angelica Hernandez Colombian Fitness Models

Angelica Hernandez Colombian Fitness Model


Colombian Fitness Model Angelica Hernandez

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