Sascha Fitness

Sascha Barboza, better known as Sascha Fitness, is Personal Fitness Trainer certified by the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) with the Spanish Federation of bodybuilding sports nutrition studies and a master’s degree in nutrition Fitness.

His studies in administration and its maracucha blood, Sascha transformed his passion in your personal company becoming the Venezuelan fitness guru. Since the birth of his daughter Avril, Sascha took on a challenge in their networks for a year where it lost the overweight of pregnancy, documented each recipe and each year in order to motivate their followers to adopt a fitness lifestyle.

After overcoming his first challenge, embarked on a new adventure: crowned in two categories of the competition National Physique Committee (NPC). In August 2013, Sascha managed to lift high their trophies and the Venezuelan pride with their prizes of “Bikini” and “More feminine without much muscle volume”.

Sascha has motivated many to change their lives and meet their goals, transforming the fitness beyond that a fashion, a way of life.

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