yanita yancheva height

yanita yancheva height

Yanita Yancheva – This gymnast 28-year-old took up the sport at a very young age, by the rhythmic gymnastics that she practiced for 7 years during his childhood but it really started the fitness that there is about 4 years old, just after having participated in the series, Survivor Panama, during which it has lost a lot of weight in extreme conditions. It was practically the first time she put a foot in a room. Before participating in Survivor Cambodia, she started to train to be in the best shape possible.

During his routine, it involves the different muscle groups during sessions separated (back, shoulders, arms, and legs). She is an advocate for women to do more strength training with heavy loads, this is not for them. She prefers to train with free loads on machines. She is also one of the HIIT and the day of the legs, it is made of large sets superset intensive with loads a little lighter.

Yanita Yancheva never misses her breakfast and eat regularly, every three hours, incorporating protein. Just after training, it takes amino acids and carbohydrates and provides a day of recharging carbohydrate once a week. She never forgets to drink a lot of water and eat nuts. Weight training + good diet, it gives a very nice template at the long legs of 1.69 m and 51 kg!

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