Anita Herbert, a Hungarian Fitness Model thin and curved like never before

Anita Herbert, a Hungarian Fitness Model thin and curved like never before

The training at the Hungarian fitness Model Anita Herbert warms the hearts! And prove that having a super sculpted body that needs to be earned with bars and loads!

No part of the body and no exercise is forgotten and it follows readily from the beach to the room, or on his account instagram #anita.herbert!

His physical end and curved, perfectly proportioned would lie to all those who criticize the girls are too muscular and they say,

” I don’t like the muscles in the feminine “.

Not even true, with Anita you are forced to love!

The atomic bomb has nothing of male, and his muscles are long and sculpted to perfection. It is not for nothing that she is athlete IFBB Pro and has won 5 times, the contest Miss Bikini all classes. 1.65 m 55 kg of pure beauty…

She now lives in Miami and her favourite products are protein, glutamine, and carnitine to burn a maximum of fat. Like everything in the world, it creaks sometimes and is said to be unable to train on an empty stomach. According to it, every body reacts differently and we need to find the training that works . For it, obviously it works!

Hungarian fitness model Anita Herbert

fitness model Anita Herbert

ABS Anita Herbert

Hungarian fitness bikini Anita Herbert

fitness bikini Anita Herbert

Hot fitness bikini Anita Herbert

body fitness bikini Anita Herbert

Hungarian muscle athlete Anita Herbert

girl with muscle Anita Herbert

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