Stefanie Macherhammer Austrian redhead fitness

Stefanie Macherhammer Austrian redhead fitness

Team Muscle Intelligence athlete & coach

    Stefanie Macherhammer

  •     25 Jahre
  •     1,64 cm
  •     59 kg

My Life Motto:

Other people see that as an example of Motivation – BUT one has to live his own life, his own story to write! In the end, others will never be YOU!

To be YOU is to YOUR advantage that distinguishes you and is so exciting!

Stefanie Macherhammer before and after photos

My Goals:

I want to continually improve, strength, muscle definition and mass, but also my Knowledge regarding the anatomy and biomechanics of the body, in Interaction with the influences of the Bio – and neuro-chemistry to expand.

I am currently building, together with my Partner in our joint Coaching business “Team Muscle Intelligence”. Our interest lies in a refined, innovative approach to training design.

Our focus is to be able to target muscle-conscious control. Everyone can a Bank exercise push press the “fucking rod high” until the cows come home with “everything he has” and yet fail to specifically build up his chest. With small tweaks and modifications to the execution of exercises, mental and mechanical in nature, can improve the activity and load on the target muscle tremendously, and help people to feel him, finally, when the exercises are performed and controlled to set voltage. Targeted contractions against resistance, and not just Moving weight, to put a real growth stimulus.

Sometimes many of the classic Exercises for certain body types or goals, but are simply not suitable. Too often I see “Bros” at my Gym, the ruin with machines and Exercises are not at all suitable for you, in the long term your joints.

Tinkering this end, we have to new exercise variations (what I like to optimize on a regular basis in video form on my Instagram-Page parts) to account for the respective requirements and try to the individual anatomy of athletes. Everyone is different and brings a different set of physical requirements. The width of the shoulder, for example, in The Gym of the available training devices are just scaled up to a certain degree, and allow only certain angles and grip variations, which possibly are not for every athlete/every stature optimal. Muscles, joints, and movements must all be in the same direction, so that the load is going where you want to go – if not at a Practice, you should Exercise, even if it is a so likeable, against a more sensible replace.

I would like to in the long term, seen with Team Muscle Intelligence of people on these areas and help people to shape their own Training in an intelligent and deliberate.

Nutrition and supplementation are a very important and exciting part of the Whole. We would also like to learn from scientific findings to meet as athletes and coaches the best possible decisions.

In short: My goal is to be a good “evidenced-based” Coach, Motivator, and Athlete, as well as to establish myself as a fitness model and in the future in Stage races. International Workshops, training courses and ultimately certificates are part of my target.

Austrian Fitness Model Stefanie Macherham

Stefanie Macherham Abs

Stefanie Macherham Austrian Fitness Model

Stefanie Macherham Fitness Model

Stefanie Macherham redhead Fitness Model

Stefanie Macherham

Stefanie Macherham redhead Fitness

Stefanie Macherham redhead Fitness Model

Austrian redhead Fitness Model Stefanie Macherham

Stefanie Macherham Austrian redhead Fitness Model

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