Ekaterina Shokhina – At the 3rd place in TOP-5 is the winner of the coveted status of IFBB Bikini Pro that is already in the list of participants of the forthcoming tournament “Bikini Olympia”-2016. The absolute champion of the Moscow region and the champion of Moscow in 2014 year, have achieved excellent results in 2015, becoming the absolute champion of Russia, champion of the world and absolute champion of the “Olympia Amateur World Showdown”. Such a successful performance is the result of hard work of the athletes and her coach Iveta Statsenko.

Muscovite is part of the team “Victory Distribution” and represents the brand “Kevin Levrone Signature Series”. Catherine Shokhin is a certified gym instructor and a couple with Diana Volkova leads the project “Dream Girls Team” – a six-week team communication, the purpose of which is to advise, support and motivate everyone to have a nice body.

In this case, our heroine has four charming children, has time to look your best, to win many titles, to help others become beautiful, confident…

Russian fitness model Ekaterina Shokhina

fitness model Ekaterina Shokhina

Ekaterina Shokhina

Ekaterina Shokhina Russian BIKINI PRO

Ekaterina Shokhina BIKINI PRO

Ekaterina Shokhina Russian Bikini Fitness

Ekaterina Shokhina Bikini Fitness

Ekaterina Shokhina Russian IFBB Athlete

Russian BIKINI PRO Athlete Ekaterina Shokhina

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