Ariana James Colombian beauty

Ariana James Colombian beauty

A new model of Fitness that comes to our section of pivones Fitness! Ariana james . It might not be very well known at least in Spain , although this girl in colombia has thousands of followers and it is normal because with his physical worked impresses anyone who see their photos.

This girl was Born in Venezuela , but moved to Colombia to comerzar with his career in the first time as a normal Model . For a while she was into modeling and I leave to continue with their studies of social communicator.

Little by little he saw that it felt very comfortable in the world of Fitness and started his career of model fitness representing several brands of supplementing, and sportswear. With a face angelic and a physical worked at the Gym day-to-day this model has thousands of fans on instagram , and this extends to USING that is where it handles the large companies.

With a physical spectacular and 1.64 cm tall , added as not a big eyes verdi-blue this girl is beginning to sweep the modeling fitness ! From Fitnessrevista we wish you lots of luck , although with this body does not make or missing and fixed that it becomes a new ambassador model fitness international.

Three secrets have led to the success to this girl fitness : Discipline , good nutrition and hard work them at the gym. Here I leave a video where you can see the training of this beauty of Glutes and abs in the gym. And remember to pass by our section of pivones of the fitness room where you can see the best and most famous women in the world of the irons that raise passions by their physical spectacular and its beauty, and that is that the world of fitness is a healthy lifestyle.

Model Fitness Colombia Ariana James

Model Fitness Colombian Ariana James

Model Fitness Ariana James

Fitness Ariana James

Colombian Ariana James

Ariana James Fitness/Model Dymatize Athlete

Ariana James Fitness Model Dymatize Athlete

Ariana James Fitness Model

Ariana James Fitness Model Dymatize Athlete from Colombia

Ariana James Fitness Model Dymatize Athlete

You can follow this beauty on her instagram from HERE

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