• Leopoldo Mattia Buffon: the first child of Gigi Buffon and Ilaria D'Amico, third for him and second for her, was born the 6 January in Milan, Italy.

  • Dorian Moya Ruiz: the second child of Miguel Angel Moya and Patrizia Ruiz was born the 11 January in Madrid, Spain.

  • Kit Joseph Rooney: the third child of Wayne and Coleen Rooney was born the 24 January in Manchester, England.

  • Vega Arbeloa Ruiz: the third child of Alvaro Arbeloa and Carlota Ruiz was born the 27 January in Madrid, Spain.

  • Una Džeko: the first child of Edin Džeko and Amra Silajdzic was born the 2 February in Rome, Italy.

  • Vittoria Astori: the first child of Davide Astori and Francesca Fioretti was born the 17 February in Florence, Italy.

  • Sara Casemiro: the first child of Casemiro and Anna Ortega was born the 6 March in Madrid, Spain.

  • Evan Giroud: the second child of Oliver and Jennifer Giroud was born the 8 March in London, England.
  • Enzo Busquets Galera: the first child of Sergio Busquets and Elena Galera was born the 8 March in Barcelona, Spain. 

  • Isabel Totti: the third child of Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi was born the 10 March in Rome, Italy. 

  • Mason Milian De Bruyne: the first child of Kevin De Bruyne and Michele Lacroix was bron the 10 March in England. 

  • Estelle Claire Cuenca Feger: the first child of Isaac Cuenca and Imane Feger was bron the 11 March in Spain.

  • Nava Valentina Bale: the second child of Gareth Bale and Emma Rhys Jones was born the 22 March in Madrid, Spain. 

  • Emma Bravo Pardo: the fourth child of Claudio Bravo and Carla Pardo was born the 28 March in Barcelona, Spain. 

  • Mia Griezmann: the first child of Antonie Griezmann and Erika Choperena was born the 8 April in Spain. 
  • Adara Rakitic Mauri: the second child of Ivan Rakitic and Raquel Mauri was born the 1 May in Barcelona, Spain. 

  • Mariam Montolivo: the first child of Riccardo Montolivo and Cristina De Pin was born the 11 May in Milan, Italy.

  • Fernando Jr Llorente Lorente: the first child of Fernando Llorente and Maria Lorente wa born the 12 May in Spain 
  • Nacho Jr Fernandez Cortes: the second child of Nacho Fernandez and Maria Cortes was born the 28 May in Madrid, Spain. 

  • Lucas Casillas Carbonero: the second child of Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero was born the 2 June in Madrid, Spain. 

  • Maya Podolski: the second child of Lukas Podolski and Monika Puchalski was born the 6 June in Germany

  • Penelope Florenzi: the first child of Alessandro Florenzi and Ilenia Atzori was born the 11 June in Rome, Italy. 

  • Thiago Aspas Rueda: the first child of Iago Aspas and Jenni Rueda was born the 17 June in Vigo, Spain.

  • Pau Muniesa Campeny: the first child of Marc Muniesa and Sara Campeny was born the 17 June in Barcelona, Spain.

  • Matilda Suarez Costa: the first child of Mario Suarez and Malena Costa was born the 28 June in Madrid, Spain.

  • Daniela Herrera Collado: the first child of Ander Herrera and Isabel Collado was born the 17 July in England.

  • Amelie Kroos: the second child of Toni Kroos and Jessica Faber was born the 20 July in Germany.

  • Carla Moreno Granadilla: the first child of Alberto Moreno and Lilia Granadilla was born the 6 August in England.
  • Camila Garcia Gomez: the second child of Javi Garcia and Elena Gomez was born the 21 August in Seville, Spain.

  • Meryem Sahin: the second child of Nuri Sahin and Tugba was born the 24 August in Germany.
  • Bella Firmino Pereira: the second child of Roberto Firmino and Larissa Pereira was born the 24 August in England.

  • Julen Casilla Isern: the second child of Kiko Casilla and Rosa Isern was born the 28 August in Madrid, Spain.

  • Kyle Rodriguez Martin: the second child of Pedro Rofriguez and Carol Martin was born the 28 August in London, England (most probably).

  • Noah De Rossi: the second child of Daniele De Rossi and Sarah Felderbaum was born the 3 September in Rome, Italy. 
  • Zayn & Madi Rami: the first children of Adil Rami and Sidonie Biemont were born the 7 September in Sevilla, Spain (most probably). 
  • Sofia Matri: the first child of Alessandro Matri and Federica Nargi was born the 26 September in Milan, Italy. 

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