Gerard Piqué proudly boasts of the heart of Barcelona’s son Milan

The Piqué-Mebarak family may be currently making the most of the cultural and landscape offer of Barranquilla (Colombia), the hometown of Shakira, but that does not seem to have served the footballer Gerard Piqué and, above all, his small Milan to temporarily disconnect from the football season in which the Catalan defender is immersed.

So much so, that father and son have wanted to share with the broad base of fans that accumulates the athlete in Instagram an emotional recording in which they sing almost in unison the anthem of FC Barcelona, ​​demonstrating on the one hand that Piqué has instilled his firstborn The same passion that he displays for the club of his loves and, on the other, that the little one seems to have inherited from the Colombian prodigious vocal cords.

"Sings potato," you hear Milan say in the video after realizing that his father only moved his lips with the aim of giving him all the protagonism. But apart from the culé identity that both publicly assume, it is even more remarkable gestures of tenderness that have not gone unnoticed for all Internet users: "How beautiful Milan is. You are a wonderful family," dedicated a user of the social network.

The unconditional love he feels for FC Barcelona does not mean much less that Gerard Piqué can not feel sympathy for other clubs with which, it must be said, does not compete directly, as he demonstrated by spending much of Wednesday to sign shirts of the main Team of Barranquilla, the Junior Club, to entertain fans of a group that Shakira has always been fond of, as evidenced in the video clip of his hit 'The Bike'.

Making it clear once again that they are living a pleasant holiday season and free from setbacks, unlike the rumors suggesting that the couple had gone to Miami to deal with alleged health problems of little Sasha, Shakira and Piqué recently offered all their fans an idyllic picture that portrayed them smiling and aboard a boat while they traveled the Magdalena River.

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