Bianca Taylor Vegan Fitness & Lifestyle Coach

Bianca Taylor Vegan Fitness & Lifestyle Coach

My name is Bianca Taylor and I am ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Certified in Plant Based Nutrition with a passion for health, fitness, creation, and self-discovery.

Being a dancer for many years, I later began pursuing fitness modeling and personal training, which in turn opened the doors that changed my life. After diving into competitive bikini bodybuilding, I uncovered a whole new love for weight training and exercise science for not only myself, but also for others who benefited from my advice.  I truly love personal training and the art of bodybuilding, as well as the holistic benefits from exercise and nutrition.

Through my own accumulation of personal successes and losses, I continue to expand my knowledge on the key to living a balanced life of mind and body, health and wellness.

I strongly believe that what you manifest internally without a doubt contributes to your physicality. I have found through myself and my clients, physical strength and self-love will benefit your spirit and life in more ways then merely the confidence of strutting down the beach in a swimsuit.

 As I continue to create and construct the best version of myself physically and mentally through practice and research, I only hope to motivate and assist you to do the same.

Bianca Taylor ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Bianca Taylor Personal Trainer

Bianca Taylor Lifestyle Coach

Bianca Taylor Vegan Fitness

Bianca Taylor Vegan Fitness Coach

Bianca Taylor Fitness Coach

Bianca Taylor Vegan Lifestyle Coach

Bianca Taylor Fitness model

Bianca Taylor Vegan Fitness

Bianca Taylor Vegan Fitness & Lifestyle Coach

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